Your Favorite Supermarket Free Sample Lady(AKA. Fun with fondue).

Recently I was asked to do a fondue cooking demonstration at Superfresh in Rehoboth Beach DE. I am a social person who loves to interact with people outside of the restaurant setting, however I must admit at first I was reluctant to commit to the idea of fondue.

I assume I was asked to work with fondue since Valentine’s Day was right around the corner and everyone has certain images that come to mind when thinking of fondue; for instance taking a stick and dipping your lovers strawberry into dark chocolate. That day I was also demonstrating the ubiquitous Guyere fondue. I love cheese, things skewered, and playing with my food, but  fondue isn’t a common technique in my repertoire. I didn’t think it represented me well as a chef and the idea of it was kind of stale for me. I imagined how many people had dusty fondue pots from the 70’s hidden in storage, forgotten by time. I was also less than enthusiastic about the demonstration for fear I would be perceived as ” Your favorite free sample lady” and not the culinary professional that my ego tells me I am.  Either way I had a job to do. I had committed to the appearance so I was going to forge ahead and do my best.

When thinking about the demonstration I remembered a fondue recipe that I had recently read in the book Ideas In food, Great recipes and Why they work. Their recipe is awesome! Great technique and the science to back it up; fondue updated. Their incite helped me understand fondue better . I was able to make some modifications and formulate a recipe. It is Superfresh’s policy to not allow alcohol in the recipe so I substituted apple cider and  cider vinegar in place of wine or Calvados brandy.

The table looked awesome for the demonstration. The fondue was delicious and everybody really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun and people asked me some really good questions. I saw some familiar faces and met some great people for the future. We made plans to hold some more events in upcoming months.

Who knows? You might catch me hanging out around the old fondue pot sometime soon.


2 thoughts on “Your Favorite Supermarket Free Sample Lady(AKA. Fun with fondue).

  1. Hari,
    I loved reading about the fondue! It sounds delicious, and I am positive that not only were you everybody’s favorite “sample lady” of the day – you became an inspiring and motivating person and chef in their eyes. You’re such a warm and welcoming person I have no doubt that you showed that. People love you! Good job finding an interesting and fun way to do fondue that not only peaked your creativity, but also those that came to view your demonstration.

    By the way, I enjoyed reading your blog. It made me laugh. Keep up with it!

  2. I could not let this one go Sample Lady! Anytime you want to cook with cheese in a public setting again, call me. I’m in downtown Rehoboth now at the old MacQuays – the largest cheese store in DE that also sells (very very inexpensive) organic produce! Did you see Top Chef All Stars last week? Quickfire challenge was fondue. Yes I am old enough to remember those dusty 1970s fondue pots. Shot through the heart – you give sweet melting cheeses a bad name!

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