Little baby artichoke with your pale green petals and sweet beautiful heart, I love you.

I have always loved artichokes and baby artichokes ever since I was a kid. When we were younger we would steam them, ripping off and dipping the leave tips in melted butter to get to treat in the middle. As I grew older I learned to use a paring knife and how to turn the artichoke down to just the heart and tender leaves. Artichokes can be a little work but your efforts will be rewarded in flavor. There is nothing like a fresh artichoke. Jarred or canned artichokes are a totally different thing, both in flavor and texture. It will take a little practice but follow these directions and you will be a pro in no time.

1. Fill a bucket with cold water and squeeze 1 1/2 lemons into it reserving 1/2 lemon to rub down peeled artichokes. This will slow down oxidation. Starting at the bottom, use your hands pull off any exterior tough leaves.

2. Peel leaves until you reach the softer neon green leaves.

3. Using your paring knife cut about half way up the choke discarding the top.

4. Cut off bottom. Peel outer layer of stem, turn and repeat.

5. Rub entire artichoke with lemon. Flip artichoke around and peel tough layer off the bottom of choke.

6. Keep artichokes covered with a dish towel and plate weighing them down to keep away from oxygen.

7. Taadaa! now you can poach, fry, roast, saute, or shave thin and eat raw these little beauties.


2 thoughts on “MY LITTLE THISTLE

  1. You’ll need to show me this sometime. I know I have eaten and enjoyed artichokes, I bought some canned, but like you said this is a whole ‘nother experience.

    Show me, brother! 🙂

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