When you help people it helps everybody. If you help kids it helps our future. As a chef there is no better way that I can think of to help people than to feed them and to educate them about eating and where their food comes from.

I’m proud to be a modern chef. A chef who cares about sustainability of life, and knows that every action that we make matters. I feel that it is important that we pass this knowledge on to our youth.

This week my restaurant paired up with Rehoboth Elementary School to hand out chocolate chip cookies that were made with healthier ingredients during the student’s lunch period. We also gave out the recipes so that they could make the snacks at home with their parents. I had a lot of fun talking to the kids and they really enjoyed the cookies! With the help of many volunteers, there is also a garden at the school in the works. Next time we will be handing out baked chips and healthy dips.



  1. Hari- this is awesome! Any chance you could include this “healthy” chocolate chip cookie recipe on your blog??

  2. I love this story. Very close to my heart because my sons went to Rehoboth Elementary and, of course, because it is YOU bringing great food to kids and their families. Thank you.

  3. This sounds so great! I’m sure the kids loved it, and I’m looking forward to that recipe. I used to bake a lot, but I kind of stopped since the only things I was making were unhealthy sweet snacks.

  4. This is so awesome. I pay very close attention to what my kids are eating. In a time where food options at school for our kids are primarily fast, fried and fattening its enlightening to see a local restaurant making some headlines and bringing attention to healthy options. My daughter told me all about your visit, as I hope other children will do. Thanks Hari!

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