Oprah did it and so can you!

Meatless Monday is a national campaign to help bring awareness the benefits of not eating meat, even if it is one day a week. We at Nage Bistro and Wine Bar commit our chalkboard features to this noble cause every monday as well as offer a vegetarian tasting every night of the week. We have been offering Meatless Monday since last year and it has been very well received. Thank you to all you veggie heads out there who make this possible.
Two of tonights features

Roasted Kabocha squash, pickled pearl onion, pistachio, verdi sauce, cocoa nibs


Shishito peppers, red quinoa, orange, black garlic, watercress


3 thoughts on “Oprah did it and so can you!

  1. Hari,
    Meatless Mondays are a great idea. Since it is Lent (for us practicing Catholics) nice to hear you always offer a vegetarian option. Any vegetable that is roasted is awesome in my book. Love the colors of your veggies. Exciting to the eyes as well as the stomach.

  2. Ummmm yum yum yum. Gorgeous colors. And, quite honestly, just about anything with avocado and quinoa I adore. Too boot, I would venture to guess that this tasty vege treat is gluten-free. Always a perk when eating out with my daughter who has Celiac. We will have to pop in for meatless Monday (and maybe another day of the week as well!).

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