Warm Comfort for Dreary Days

Last week I had a few days of illness. My insides felt like death calling. It was a horrible way to spend a day off. I went into work but my body wouldn’t let me continue. It’s was no fun. The only thing that I could do was rest, drink lots of fluids, and try to be as productive as I could be from the couch. I could feel my body fighting those microscopic invaders and it really wiped me out. I’m very fortunate to not get sick often.

When I was younger my father sometimes fed me hot tea or miso soup to keep me hydrated and help try to restore my system. I don’t have any miso at my house but I have been drinking chai. It’s layers of spice soothed my stomach and warmed my insides in the best possible way. The tea’s name is Blue Lotus Chai and it comes from Eugene Oregon. My father gave me a tin of the spiced drink at my wedding last year. It is his fiance Barbra’s company.

Blue Lotus Chai stands for many of the things that I care about both as a chef and a human being. First starting with the best quality ingredients is important for the best possible taste. This company also has a strong sense of ethics, caring about the consumer and about the people in India from whom they procure the organic spices and black tea. Blue Lotus Chai donates 10% of net profits to many important causes. The tea and spices also have healing properties dating back thousands of years to Ayurvedic medicine, and now confirmed by modern-day science.

Masala Chai translates to spiced tea in Hindi. Blue Lotus uses a blend of black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, clove, and nutmeg for a great depth of flavor. I have loved chai for a long time and this is one of the best that I have ever tasted. You can really taste the different layers of tea and spice and easily adjust it to your preferences. You can make 100 cups from a beautiful 3oz. reusable tin and it even comes with a bamboo measuring spoon.

I enjoy it any time of  the day. Most of the time when I’m at work I enjoy it on ice. It is a spray dried powder so it is very convenient to make because to only take seconds. You just need to add hot water, milk or soy milk, and the sweetener of your choice. I have been trying out different sugars, agave nectar, but most of the time I use honey. I have also been using the chai powder in savory and sweet cooking applications. There will be recipes that I will post in future blog post.

This chai will comfort you on dreary days and also on beautiful sunny mornings alike.


One thought on “Warm Comfort for Dreary Days

  1. Nice article Hari. Our webpage for Blue Lotus Chai is bluelotuschai.com. A tin generally retails for about $13.99 and you can buy it on line with a four can minimum. We agree, it is the best chai we have tasted also!!! Dad.

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