Chefs Feeding the People Who Need to Eat!

(The Awesome People Who Help to Make This Great Event Happen)




This year I have been asked to be on the committee for one of my favorite charity events The Celebrity Beach Brunch. I am very honored to be asked to work with such dedicated people for this great cause benefiting Meals On Wheels throughout the state of Delaware. I am full of energy and ideas to help make this years event the best that it can be and raise as much money as possible for the folks who need it the most.



As the planning stages continue I will share my experiences and cover the people making it happen to help spread the word for this noble cause. This morning the committee met at Fish-On in Lewes. I knew some of the committee and got a chance to meet some new friendly faces. I know with such diligent volunteers this event will be one to remember.




3 thoughts on “Chefs Feeding the People Who Need to Eat!

  1. Good for you Hari. I sat on that comittee for 2 years and it was a great experience, i can’t think of a better person to bring new energy for a great cause. Have fun!!! Let me know if i can help at all.

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