Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market

I really enjoy sharing my craft with people who care about the art of cooking. Also the people who care where their food comes from. My out-door cooking demo was great today. The seasons always inspire me to do my best work. Walking through the farmers market today was awesome. We are in a great time of year right now where we get to enjoy late spring and early summer flavors at the same time. Nice day, beautiful people, fresh local produce. Nothing makes me happier. Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market is always a good time!

I am very happy to soon be releasing my summer menu. It has been hard for me to do blog post lately because I have been very busy with catering and gearing up for the busy season that lies ahead of me. I have started a few only to not be happy with them, erase them, and start over feeling discouraged. I am much more confident in my food and my relationships with people than I am of this should be enjoyable outlet of writing and photography. I know I need to press on. I’ll work it out.

Stay Tuned to more culinary exploration from a state that has more chicken than people. Follow me on twitter comb_wattle.


2 thoughts on “Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market

  1. I enjoy your posts as well as your food. Do what makes you happy, though.
    Life is too short to worry about being all things to all people.

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