Farm To Table At Its Finest

Why Colvine Farm Bison?

Bison (buffalo) is tender, rich in flavour, not gamey and very satisfying. The meat contains more protein because it has less fat marbling and as a result is lower in cholesterol than beef. They are considered non allergenic reaction. Colvine Farm Bison are raised natural, drug free with no growth hormones.  (THIS IS FROM THEIR WEBSITE)

Tonight, and every Thursday night through the summer we have our Farm-To-Table night honoring a local purveyor of fine food be it a farm, garden, ranch, cheese maker, or an orchard. This evening Bobby Collins and his beautiful daughter hosted. They had information about the health benefits of bison and samples of the products that they offer.

Some of tonight’s features were.

Colvine bison tar-tare, spicy pickled green beans, black cardamom, pumpernickel, fryer pepper emulsion

Glazed bison short ribs,  Anson mill smoked corn grits, pan braised bitter greens, chow-chow, green sauce

Pan roasted bison rib eye, warm eggplant and zucchini bread salad, radish, charred green onion relish

Next week we will feature Lavender Fields. Hope to see you there!


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