Good, Clean, and Fair Food at TS Smith and Sons Orchard

Last sunday was a great success! We felt like we had a back stage pass to one of the most beautiful places on Delmarva! The sun was  shinning and it was a perfect fall day for the orchard. Charlie and Greer were excellent host everybody enjoyed picking the prized Stayman and Black Twig apples.

Katie Freer of Sprouting Chefs is Slow Food Delmarva’s new Youth Director and was doing all sorts of fun activities such as painting pumpkins, apple stamps (my favorite), face painting, and a lot more!I carved the Slow Food Snail from an apple.

Our Mission.

I was inspired by the day and when I arived at Nage for dinner service I composed a dish including the Black Twig apple.

I made an apple/cider stock and poached halibut in sous-vide, and garnished the dish with fennel, pollen, cocoa bread crisp, opal basil, absinthe, and olive oil.



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