First Post Of 2012!

Hello friends and readers! Welcome to the new year! My winter has been great and I’m looking forward to the challenges and pleasures that 2012 has to offer. Being a chef is consuming work and I have been in a blogging slump…But fear not, I’m back. My new years resolution is to post more often with recipes and stories. I will also strive to shoot more photography.

I have been putting a lot of energy into my dream of being the chef/owner of a restaurant. I am very close. The process is long and I am working hard to achieve my goals. The concept that I am working on is a modern mid-atlantic restaurant that focuses on the marriage of old and new regional cuisine, sourcing the best products that our food shed has to offer, and creating a seamless dining experience where guest can enjoy a variety of dining options. I will share the developments as they happen.

The following pictures I took with my phone! They are not the best quality pictures but I want to share some of my work. Let me know what you think!

Poached shrimp, tomato ice, lemon, and horseraddish

A recent bite that I did for a charity event. Hickman's prime tartare on toast.

Poached farm egg, house made ham, polenta, apples, sage brown butter

Smoked rockfish head terrine, endive, sunchoke, lemon herb verdi

This was shot on my birthday in August. Foraged puff-ball mushroom, purslane, basil bud creme fraiche, Russel's Tomatoes


6 thoughts on “First Post Of 2012!

  1. Get to see your blog back, Hari.
    Great to hear your new restaurant plans are going well.
    Please include the prawns with beet vinaigrette dish you
    served Friday night. Wow, that was delicious! Ditto the
    parsnip custard.

  2. All Looks great! You can almost taste the flavors jumping off the page!! Will be happy to read and explore more of your world via your blog! Keep the yummies coming!!

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