a (MUSE.) Inspired Food and Drink.

I have recently purchased my first restaurant. It will be a place that my team and I can create inspired food and drink in Rehoboth Beach Delaware. We will be dedicated to providing a seamless guest experience with a true hospitality focus. I am currently in the process of working on my ideal space. We are using many reclaimed and organic materials in the design.

The restaurant will be a menu composed of 20-25 small plates with five areas on the menu to choose from. We will cook modernist food that is truly mid-atlantic inspired. We are sourcing the highest quality products that are within our food shed or 150-200 miles, with the exception of coffee, chocolate, wine, and some fruits such as citrus. All of the fish we will serve will be atlantic based and we will be committed to sustainability. We will also  be highlighting naturally and humanely raised animals. We will accommodate vegetarians, vegan, gluten-free, dairy free, and any other dietary restrictions. I want the diner to have the choice of a quick small plate or a grand tasting menu.

In addition to an excellent wine, craft beer, and innovative cocktail menu we will offer a large variety of non-alcoholic beverage options such as proprietary fair trade coffee, tea, and house made soft drinks, spritzers, juices, and mocktails.

We plan to operate with a triple bottom line, focusing on People, Profit, and Planet. People: We will cultivate strong ties within the community in various avenues. We plan to be involved in non-profit events, reaching out to the schools, and doing fundraisers and classes within the restaurant. We will also have a gallery hallway featuring local artist works. Profit: In addition to serving our guests a worthwhile dining experience we will offer branded merchandise items available for purchase both in our restaurant and on our website. We plan to build a strong web and social network presence. Planet: We will work hard to give weight to environmental sustainability and operate with a consciousness of the effects of our operations on the surrounding environment.

My mornings are spent planning and making the project happen and my nights cleaning, painting, designing and pretty much everything else that goes along with preparing a space to reopen in month. I feel blessed to have such a strong dedicated team of friends and coworkers helping out and keeping me sane every step of the way. Yesterday

Fine Line Websites & IT Consulting

launched our splash page coming soon website. I have to tell you it is perfect. Those guys do great efficient work. Check Out our website. http://www.amuse-rehoboth.com/

Well enough of blogging I must return to the cleaning:)




12 thoughts on “a (MUSE.) Inspired Food and Drink.

  1. hari, great to see you today, you have always seem such a positive guy, but you are stoked right now, there is a twinkle in your eye, please hold on to that, very proud of you, happy for you and your family and we cna’t wait to become regulars!!!!!

  2. Hari, I have heard that opening a restaurant is simular to giving birth to a child! Lots of sleepless nights at the beginning….So very proud of you and wish you all the best at this new chapter of your life as a restaurant owner.

  3. I am s-o-o-o looking forward to your new venture. I know it will be fantastic – as your and your meal creations always are!

    Chef Marti

  4. Can’t wait Hari! Good bartender selection. Would love to hang some art. I have a couple of small farmers market pieces. We’ll be there!

  5. I am soooo happy for you….I feel like a sort of proud “Aunt”! Remember, once you get close to your opening, call me and I’ll come in for a final finish polish/clean! Really ! Just give me a little notice so I can schedule it!

  6. Hari – This is Ed Deptula. Congratulations. You have what it takes and are very talented. I will look forward to the new and inspired dining experience at a (MUSE). Also, thanks for for being such a high quality mentor and friend to Teddy.

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