a instagram view of a(MUSE.)

Last week a man that I am social media friends with and do volunteer work with for Meals On Wheels named Dave McCormick came into the restaurant and dined at our bar. He took pictures with instagram and tweeted them to his followers. I loved the photos and the effect that he put on them. I like seeing the food from the customer point of view. Thanks Dave. ENJOY!


marvesta shrimp, caper, ice, horseradish, lemon

cauliflower soup, marrow toast

venison tartare, sorrel, pine, juniper

fluke crudo, beet, potato

textures of the field quinoa, barley, wheat grass

rockfish “cheeks & collars” cabbage, sun choke, violette mustard

local organic chicken hearts, purple asparagus, green almond

day boat scallops, foie gras, cauliflower, leek, tarragon

elysian fields lamb belly and sweetbreads, absinthe, coffee, lambs lettuce

gray tile fish, broad water oysters, chicken oyster, black garlic, purple kale, lemon

strawberry short cake, rose, creme fraiche, toast

Also check out LSD NEWS! They were there for first night of business!


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