Fall is here and the weather is beautiful here at the beach. There are less people in town but were still bringing the love. I have been posting a lot of picture on instagram and here are some of my favorite ones. Plus a picture of my arm!

I have been a bad blogger lately in pursuit of being the best chef/restaurateur that I can be. Now that the pace has changed I will post more often. Thanks for your continued support! Tell a friend about The Comb & Wattle. I will be posting more photos, recipes and featuring farmers and foragers in future post. If you want me to cover a story I am very open to suggestions. Cheers! Enjoy!

Pistachio financier – duck prosciutto – butternut squash – pistachio praline. A dish presented at the Celebrity Chefs Beach Brunch to benefit Meals on Wheels Delaware.

Our fall soup at a(MUSE.)
Acorn soup – house cured berkshire pork lardo – beech mushroom – acorn squash – lemon balm

Roasted figs – preserved lemon – parsnip

Meatless Monday

my arm

Raw squash with puffed grains – foraged prickly pear – sheep sorrel –  and sea bean.


Oprah did it and so can you!

Meatless Monday is a national campaign to help bring awareness the benefits of not eating meat, even if it is one day a week. We at Nage Bistro and Wine Bar commit our chalkboard features to this noble cause every monday as well as offer a vegetarian tasting every night of the week. We have been offering Meatless Monday since last year and it has been very well received. Thank you to all you veggie heads out there who make this possible.
Two of tonights features

Roasted Kabocha squash, pickled pearl onion, pistachio, verdi sauce, cocoa nibs


Shishito peppers, red quinoa, orange, black garlic, watercress

OoOH MOMMY (Vegan Shiitake Veloute)

Another one for all you veggie heads out there!

This soup is so savory and satisfying that you will not miss the meat.


Recipe for Shiitake Veloute:

510 grams shiitake caps

226 grams button mushroom

283.5 grams thinly sliced white onion

10 grams szechuan peppercorn

113 grams white soy

113 grams dark soy

55 grams rice wine vinegar

10 sprigs rosemary

8 quarts water

5 grams xantham gum

50 grams ultra tex 3 (Tapioca starch)

1135 grams mushroom stems

1 ounce grape seed oil

5 sheets dried kombu seaweed

Cover mushroom stems with water add soy sauce and kombu. Simmer for 30 minuets on medium heat. Strain through cheese cloth and a fine conical sieve.

Sweat sliced onions on low heat with grape seed oil and szechuan peppercorns for 15 minuets stirring so that no caramelization occurs.  Add mushrooms and cook on medium heat for 10 minuets. Then add mushroom broth and cook for an additional  15 minuets.

Using a Vita-prep or other high-speed blender puree the mixture, shearing in a little xanthan and ultra tex 3 at a time until the mixture is pureed smoothly.

Chop rosemary and put in the bottom of a fine conical sieve. Pass the soup through the rosemary.

I garnished the soup with fermented black bean puree, smoked oyster mushroom, candied horseradish, green onion and shaved radish. The soup was poured table side.

For All You Veggie Heads!


Every week we feature Meatless mondays. This dish was roasted cauliflower, pistachio, celery root, and tangerine. It was the most ordered dish of the night. Thanks to all who made the night great.