a instagram view of a(MUSE.)

Last week a man that I am social media friends with and do volunteer work with for Meals On Wheels named Dave McCormick came into the restaurant and dined at our bar. He took pictures with instagram and tweeted them to his followers. I loved the photos and the effect that he put on them. I like seeing the food from the customer point of view. Thanks Dave. ENJOY!


marvesta shrimp, caper, ice, horseradish, lemon

cauliflower soup, marrow toast

venison tartare, sorrel, pine, juniper

fluke crudo, beet, potato

textures of the field quinoa, barley, wheat grass

rockfish “cheeks & collars” cabbage, sun choke, violette mustard

local organic chicken hearts, purple asparagus, green almond

day boat scallops, foie gras, cauliflower, leek, tarragon

elysian fields lamb belly and sweetbreads, absinthe, coffee, lambs lettuce

gray tile fish, broad water oysters, chicken oyster, black garlic, purple kale, lemon

strawberry short cake, rose, creme fraiche, toast

Also check out LSD NEWS! They were there for first night of business!


Tonights Tasting Menu

Every friday I compose a tasting menu of five courses for fifty-nine dollars. Cooking tasting menus gives me a true opportunity for expression. Enjoy!

Celery root custard, Lemon Curd (Thanks Aki For the link to the recipe), toast, celery, vanilla vinaigrette

Crispy chicken liver, braised bacon, frisee, potato, pickled shallot, whole grain mustard

Sweet potato, oyster mushroom, oyster root, pickled mustard seeds

Smoked pork consomme

Seared Scallop, winter truffle grits, hen o' woods mushroom, shaved asparagus, brown butter. (We add toasted milk solids to the brown butter)

Pomegranate, panna cotta, gram crumb, white chocolate

Tasting The Season.

When guest ask me to custom cook coursed dinners for them I always get excited. I love the ability to compose a meal from begining to end. I try to tailor it to their likes and dislikes. I especially like it when the client gives me free range to cook whats in my head. Most of the time they tell me a handful of things that they don’t enjoy as much. I ask a few key questions and go to work solving the puzzle that I think will bring them joy and excitement. I cook the food that I would want to go out and eat if I were dinning with them. 

In the years that I have been cooking I have met some really great people and devolped some great friendships. Happy Birthday Carol and Happy Birthday America!

i really enjoy cooking

Pictures From Tonights Tasting Menu


Parsnip soup, Smoked Bay Scallop, Black Quinoa, Roasted Orange, Pickled Shallot, Espellette


Dourade Crudo, Burnt Shishito Pepper Relish, Grapefruit, Celery Root, Red Ribbon Sorral



A Gift From The Chef



Shad Roe, Shiitake Mushroom, Sunchoke, Lardon, Bacon Mushroom Consume


Rockfish, Tomato Jam, Shaved Fennel, Crispy Chickpeas

Im still working on a light box for better pictures so stay tuned!