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There are no small states, only small states of mind.

As a food service professional, and new restaurant owner, I enjoy the process as much as I enjoy the final product. The Tagline of this blog is “Culinary exploration from a state that has more chicken than people.” I think that that says a lot about what I want to share with this blog. It is a written and visual expression of my experience with food and life as I know it. Enjoy!

This blog is now the official blog of

a (MUSE.) Inspired Food and Drink

44 Baltimore Ave. Rehoboth Beach Delaware, 19971


Chef Hari Cameron


15 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Great blog, Hari! I loved the artichoke article. My mother-in-law used to make my husbands favorite dish; Stuffed artichokes. They were huge and stuffed with buttery breadcrumbs, herbs and calves brains. They stopped being his favorite dish when he found out they contained the calves brains!

  2. Very excited to find this blog. Photos are great. My wife and I have been coming to Nage whenever we’re in town for the past few years after a recommendation from a freind and its become our absolute favorite restaurant.
    We were in a couple weeks ago and my sister in law ordered the center cut filet well done then proceeded to request salt on its arrival. I’ve felt the need to apologize ever since. Thanks for providing a venue to do so

  3. I very much enjoyed your cooking demo at the Good Earth Market yesterday afternoon. Who knew it was raining outside? You are most talented as a chef and and teacher. Janie

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